10 Best Paid Survey Sites for Easy Money

The online world has a lot of oases where you can make money easily. Whether you are forced
to leave your 5-9 job due to the pandemic, benched at home to work remotely, or curious about
earning cash online, the paid survey sites can be your greatest destination.

For some of you, it might be a new jargon. “how can we make money by filling the survey

Well, if you have any sort of question, I am confident to answer you here.

10 Best Paid Survey Sites

Many people have shared their success stories of earning enormous amounts of money from
various online survey sites.

Taking free paid surveys online is easy. But finding the best survey sites to join is another case. It
might take some time and effort before finding the top paid surveys for you.

Or, you could take a look at our compelling list of the top paid survey websites below.

1. LifePoints

At the moment we wrote this article, LifePoints company has awarded $30 million to its
members across the globe for taking surveys from them.

The good thing here is that joining LifePoints is much easier. There are no complex
qualifications to consider.

Most of the surveys can take you 10 minutes or less. Although some of the surveys do not come
with huge money, you will realize that it is worth your time and effort.

2. Ipsos I-Say Panel

IPSOS I-Say PANEL is one of the top survey sites that we don’t want to exclude from the list.

It has such an intuitive and friendly interface. All users, regardless of their different
backgrounds can join and earn points.

You can then redeem these points for your Paypal, Amazon Gift Cards, Cash, or even
Merchandise. There is also prize draws for all members of the site.

The minimum withdrawal amount is also pretty much lower so it won’t take a long time to
redeem your points for cash.

You can also use your points to purchase merchandise and other types of items. You can also
add more points from your PayPal or other payment methods if the current points are not
enough to get the merch.

3. MyPoints

MyPoints is a get-to-paid platform that rewards you with gift cards for common activities such
as taking polls, watching videos, answering surveys, shopping, and many more.

MyPoints is very royal. If you check on other survey sites, you cannot earn points if you don’t
qualify. But MyPoints still grant you points even though you don’t qualify for the survey.

There’s also a Welcome Bonus which you can choose: $10 Amazon Gift Card, $10 Visa Gift Card.

4. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is also a great option to kill your time with a good amount of bonus. All of the
surveys and offers are free to join. Each survey can be different between fifty cents to fifty dollars
for each completion.

But it is only available for US, Canadian, and other relevant areas. If your location is not
included, you cannot join the site.

It has such a clean and nice website that you can easily navigate. It won’t take a long time until
you get familiar with the site.

5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a versatile site that focuses on the rewards program. The members of the sites
can earn rewards for taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, playing games, and many

There’s a good reason why you need to check this first before other sites in our list. It is the
exclusive Swagbucks search engine. I said you can earn rewards just by browsing online.

so, ditch your Google and use the Swagbucks search engine instead. You can earn money while
browsing online, literally.

When it comes to the paid surveys, you can start conducting these to share your opinions and
earn the SB – Swagbucks points. You will then convert the points to cash or gift cards.

6. Survey Junkie

This survey is a survey aggregator site. Survey Junkie might have fewer surveys to count on. But it
offers high value for each survey you complete. The rewards will come as the points form.

The more points you manage to collect, the more earnings you will get from the site. There is a
minimum $10 cashout which equals 1,000 points. You just need to collect 1,000 points to cash

Some users have posted the payment proofs. They claimed that they were able to pay their
monthly utility bills. That would be at least a hundred dollars. What can be better than that?

7. Pinecone Research

PINECONE RESEARCH is one of the highest paying survey sites. If you don’t want to waste your
time on pennies, you could opt for this.

PineCone Research pays at least $3 for each completed survey. And it only takes around 10
minutes to finish it. Imagine how much you can make for each hour of the surveys!

But there’s a takeaway. The survey is invite-only based on the demographics of the users. If your
demographics do not qualify, you won’t likely get the invitation for the surveys.

8. Opinion Outpost

The Opinion Outpost has such a simple and straightforward survey mechanism. In some survey
sites, you might be confused because of the bunch of opportunities offered to you. But the
Opinion Outpost is different.

It simplifies the offers so that you can follow one survey to another without any hassle. You can
cash the payment out on Amazon. The average income per hour is $1.5. Well, not the biggest
salary you can get but you can indeed make money from it.

9. OneOpinion

OneOpinion might be the easiest site to join in our list. It takes less than a minute to join and
you can start earning money right away. OneOpinion also uses the points as the reward form.
In the OneOpinion ecosystem, 1,000 points equals $1.

There’s a withdrawal minimum amount, however. If your balance reaches $25 or 25,000 points,
you can request a withdrawal. You can get the money to your Paypal, or convert it to gift cards.

10. InboxDollars

InboxDollars comes up with a huge bonus, $5 the first time you join. However, the surveys
have the lowest rate amongst the sites we added to this list. The average survey earning is
around 41 cents. But it can be a great option if you want to diversify your paid surveys sites

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