6 Important Steps For Dropshipping Success

Dropshipping is a business model where people sell products without keeping them in stock. Customer buys from your Store and your Store places an order on Supplier’s store. Then supplier ships it to your customer. This business model has gained a lot of popularity in the past 2 years.

More and more people are joining this eCommerce business. It can be started to make a passive income stream and with the time you can build a brand out of it. Fashion nova is the best example of this Dropshipping business model.

What is dropshipping

I will talk about 6 important steps that you cannot ignore if you want to succeed in dropshipping business.

1. Find A Winning Product:

The first step in Drop Shipping is to find a winning product. You will have to put a lot of research into finding one profitable product. There are several tools available to find good products such as e-sniper, SellTheTrend, Amazon Best Seller, Trending Products on Wish, Facebook Ads, etc.

A winning dropshipping product either solves a problem or has a wow factor. Create a list of products and have at least 5 products in it. Then analyze each product to narrow down your list.

I also keep an eye on Facebook ads to see which product is trending and how is the audience reaction to it. You can check the comment section of any Facebook ad and see how people are responding to it. There is a Facebook plugin “Turbo Ad Finder”, install it on your browser and it will show only product ads on your Facebook.

Another thing you can try is Google Trends. If you have a product in mind and know your niche then check in google trends to see how many people are searching for it over the months or years.

If you take all things into consideration during dropshipping product research then you might find the winning one to start a successful store.

Sell The Trend

2. Choose A Good Wholesale Supplier

Selecting a winning product is the half battle in Dropshipping. To find a good supplier for dropshipping, go to AliExpress and check reviews of at least 5 suppliers. Make sure you select a supplier with a good amount of sales so that you know the supplier is already shipping products in bulk.

AliExpress is good when you are paying for the product after someone places an order on your website. If you own a place or warehouse and are able to store a bulk amount of products then the alternative is Alibaba.com. Do this only if you are sure that the product is a winner else you will end up with a large inventory.

3. Good and Responsive Website

So you have found a winning product and a good supplier, what next? Well, you will have to make an online store website. First, buy a domain name that is relatable to your product or niche. Either you can use Shopify or WooCommerce on WordPress to create a responsive website.

The most popular among Dropshippers is Shopify. It is easy to create a store on Shopify and different plugins which will be helpful in running your business. Select a free theme for your store which has an attractive design and easy for customers to navigate.

Make sure to write good product descriptions. For Starters, you will have to add the following plugins on your store website:

  • Oberlo
  • OptinMaster
  • Loox Reviews
  • Ultimate Trust Badge
  • Abandonment Protector

4. Advertisement Skills

So your Dropshipping Store is ready, now begins an interesting part. To get someone to buy your product, you will have to advertise it. When you start a store, no one knows about it. Treat it as a physical store and think about how you can drive traffic to it.

First create your online presence by joining some social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. Then decide which paid advertisement platform you want to join. There are few options such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Microsft Ads, Pinterest ads, etc.

Create a simple campaign to warm up your ad account. Read advertisement policies carefully so that you don’t end up with a suspended ad account. Let the campaign run for 3-4 days and collect data.

Analyze which keyword performed better and scale them from there. You should create different campaigns with different ad spend limits. Chose a lookalike audience while creating an ad campaign and optimize it.

5. Fast Shipping

The only thing that I don’t like about dropshipping from AliExpress is long shipping times. Usually it 2-3 weeks for a product to arrive at its destination. People are getting used to 2 days shipping times by amazon.

So for Dropshipping success, you will have to beat amazon’s shipping times or at least match them. There are alternatives to AliExpress which can provide fast shipping. I found Spocket and Cj Dropshipping good options for faster shipping.

6. Customer Service

Your main focus should be on customer service rather than selling. If you have better customer service than your competitors then this will be a plus point for your dropshipping success.

Respond to your customers’ emails or comments on social media. Handle refunds and other queries with better customer service in mind. One happy customer can bring more people to your store.


There you go, now you know about 6 important things that can help you grow your eCommerce business and drop shipping success. Remember not to give up. Keep trying until you find success. Don’t give up if your first store fails, find another product and create a new store. Learn from your mistakes and take action. 

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