Amazon Affiliate Marketing: How To Make $1500/M

 Amazon is the no.1 online marketplace in the world. From the seller’s point of view, it offers such huge pools of consumers where you can sell your own products, or someone else’s products in the affiliate program. The Amazon affiliate program allows you to join the opportunity to earn money on Amazon through commissions. Many have gotten great figures because they managed to sell the products that they don’t own. Put it simply, you will have the chance to make the money on your own, without any capital to invest with. Just by blogging, you will be able to earn a good amount of money in your pocket.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate was the old name of the Amazon Associates Program. It is an exclusive affiliate program by Amazon which allows people to earn money from commissions on the products they manage to sell on Amazon. These products are not essentially theirs to start with. The great thing about the Amazon Associates program is that it does not require large capital to start with. If you are interested in little to no investment things, this affiliate program is definitely within the top recommendation.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

How does it work?

Did you know that referrals can make up more than 8% of the total Amazon purchases? That’s 3 billion dollars alone. And if you are not sure that it is going to work for you, you should see your own opportunity first.

Amazon Associates is a commission-based referral program. You will earn commission by referring people to specific Amazon pages by posting the Amazon links in your blog, website, Youtube, social media, or other mediums. In a nutshell, you will just need to recommend certain products on the Amazon marketplace. And when other people click on the links you share and make the purchases, you will earn a commission. 

When someone clicks on your Amazon links and makes a purchase within 24 hours, you will get paid a commission on the sale. It just works as simple as that.

The importance of Amazon affiliate website

As mentioned, you will need the right medium to start Amazon affiliate marketing. Although you can basically share the links in your social media, YouTube or other web 2.0 websites, your chance to earn more commissions will be much better if you build your own Amazon Affiliate website. Here is where the content for Amazon affiliate marketing will reside.

The website you build will help you promote the products and services available on Amazon.

If you have more time, you could search on your search engine and type any specific keyword like “Garden mower”. Some of the sites that reside in the first SERPs come with “top 10”, “the best”, and other kinds of listicle content. Well, it is easy to see the top mowers online.

And the blog or website owners who introduce you to these products are not the sole owner of the products. Rather, they share the Amazon affiliate links which in turn will redirect their visitors to purchase the products from Amazon.

These kinds of posts are helpful for the readers because they don’t need to waste their time and effort to find the most recommended products on the marketplace.

If you want to build an Amazon Affiliate Site, you could research your competitors. Some of them might inspire you.

How to build your own Amazon Affiliate website

To start an Amazon Associates website, you mainly need 2 following things:

Domain Name

You will have to buy a domain name for your website. Make sure that the domain name that you choose, doesn’t have any hyphen or number in it. It shouldn’t be a long and boring name. It has to be related to your niche. Easy to read and catchy domain names do well.

Web Hosting

Another most important thing for a website is Domain Hosting. In simple words, it is the place where the website lives 24 hours. If you are a beginner then you can use Bluehost which is affordable and beginner-friendly.

Click here to go to Bluehost Official Website

Apart from above mentioned, the following are the steps to take to get on the right track of your amazon affiliate marketing.

Choose The Right Niche

First things first, you will want to choose the right niche. If you search any product online, Google or another search engine will lead you to some websites which provide the reviews or recommendation. Some of these sites might be the Amazon affiliate websites. You might be wondering why they have such great authorities when it comes to the information of the products. Some websites look too generic because they recommend all kinds of products. But some have small niches. You can work around with more than one niche in your website, but make sure that these niches are your interests.

Writing The Content

Writing the content for particular niches requires a lot of passion and time sacrifices. You don’t want to choose the wrong niche that you will leave in the future.

If you are not a writer then you can hire someone on Fiverr to write content for your website. I have used content writers for my amazon affiliate marketing websites. Click Here To Find Writers For Your Website

The commission rates are also an important consideration when deciding the niche of your Amazon Affiliate Website. There is no point in using the niche that won’t bring you any commission. Search the products based on the trends, pricing, brands, recommendations, and other variables.

Find The Profitable Keywords.

No matter what the method is, you must get hundreds or thousands of keywords for your niche website. The product roundup keywords will help you to create more relevant content that can help your website to rank.

After getting the niche and keywords, you could set up your Amazon affiliate account and create your Amazon Affiliate website. From now on, your progress will be tough since you will need to publish content on a daily basis.

There are various types of articles that you can post on your blog. Most of this content can be about the list of the recommended products, tips to find the right product, brands series, products series, and so on.

You could consider various outlines and structures of the posts to make your blog or website more dynamic. Here are the types of posts that you can consider:

  • List of product reviews
  • Individual product review
  • Tutorials
  • Tips in buying
  • Comparison article
  • Case study
  • Reviews from customers
  • YouTube content
  • And so on…

You can create those articles to promote your Amazon affiliate products. Add an affiliate link in your article or description. When people click on it, it will take them to the amazon product page. You will get a commission when visitors buy your recommended product.

Amazon Commission Rates:

Amazon pays differently depending upon product category. The high commission rate is 10% which comes from Luxury Beauty products. Physical books, kitchen, and automotive products earn you a 4.50 % commission. You can check the following chart for detailed pay rate:

Amazon Commission Rate

Should You Use Paid Advertising?

Due to the low commission rate, I do not recommend spending any money on paid advertising. It will be difficult for affiliates to recover their ad spend. Focus on the Free traffic method to promote your link. People have created TikTok accounts and making good money through it.


The point of Amazon affiliate marketing is to drive quality traffic to Amazon through your affiliate links. You can put these links in your social media, blog posts, website content, or hub sites, or anything else. The most sensible way to make the sales is by listing the products in your blog in the various forms of the posts like I mentioned above. Build a good relationship with your readers because it is the key to reciprocal traffic and actions.

If you understand their problem, you will create the right content for them. They will come back to your website again for more information. If they’re convinced with your content, they will voluntarily click the affiliate links. And when they make the purchase, you will earn money. You can easily create passive income through this method.

Focus on the quality of your amazon affiliate website and you will gain more audiences who are willing to make the purchases through the affiliate links you provide.

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