BlueHost Review – Why It Is Popular WebHost?

It is safe to say that Bluehost has become Netflix of Web Hosting world with their marketing and services. As per Bluehost, they are home to around +2 Million websites with thousands added daily. So why it is so popular? Let’s try to find out.

A The first website or project is always daunting as there are endless services to choose from. Don’t worry this is a common problem, the situation is not that much difficult or undoable that we think. 

After working with such scenarios for several years I experienced that there are internationally reputed companies who understood the common client problem and designed their packages that are easily understandable for everyone. 

Moreover, their professional client services available 24/7 have eliminated the remaining gaps that sometimes we clients won’t understand from the written information.

Before choosing the best hosting company or hosting service provider, you need to keep 6 following things in your mind:

1.   Speed

Hosted sites load quickly, so you will not lose your clients or search engine ranking

2.   Performance

Can they handle a huge traffic volume, or what is the downtime of servers from stats or customer feedback?

3.    Reliability 

Uptime should be minimum of 99.94%, controlling heavy traffic spikes, and availability 24/7*265 without any downtime. The clients’ review shows the reputation.

4.   Customer Support

The immediate expert support 24/7 with the response tech team is a deal-breaker, having live chat services that shouldn’t be dodge or bounce back your question around.

5.   Features

The max number of features for security, building websites, scalability, and flexibility for customer’s custom support options.

6.   Pricing

Competitive prices in the market and easily reachable/affordable for most users, particularly for startups. Companies that are offering too many services at a low cost must be avoided.

Available Stats, client reviews, and my personal experience along with the highest number of clientage are the true evidence of Bluehost’s reputation. Specifically, they are considered the best in the above 6 factors in the global market.


Furthermore, Bluehost working for almost 17 years in the international market is a top-notch leading web hosting solutions company. The prestige of the company could be access through the features including; hosted +2M websites around the globe, more than 750+ customer care dedicated team working around the clock 24/7*365, official WordPress partners, and open Source Development Services. 

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In 2010 Bluehostwas acquired by Endurance International Group (EIG) that became its parent company. EIG – Newfold Digital has the highest web presence solution globally.

Bluehost exists in 6 different locations of the world with full-fledged Data Centers for the highest speed and delivery of services.

1.   Provo, USA

2.   Orem, USA

3.   London, UK

4.   Hong Kong, China

5.   Shanghai, China

6.   Mumbai, India

In fact, Bluehost offers various services including Domain Registration, Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Online Store, Marketing Services, Professional Email, Blogging, etc. Whether someone is just starting or looking for a complex/advanced solution, Bluehost has reliable and best-suited plans:

Bluehost Plugins

Shared Hosting

Sharing of resources by multiple users through a Single Server Machine is what Shared Hosting offers. The best part of the Shared Hosting package is that it cheapest and perfect plan for small business websites or blogging websites.

VPS Hosting

This is Virtualization services through which allows dedicated Server machine resources (RAM & CPU) through Virtual Private Services for your account. It provides Configuration Dashboard and is good for medium-size businesses or websites that have the highest number of user access or videos.

Dedicated Hosting

Allocation of Physical Dedicated Server Machine. Completely isolated from other clients and have full access to configuration. It provides complete control and privacy and dedicated resources for your website/services. It has full of features options and preferable for high traffic websites.

Bluehost Plans

All Bluehost plans offer 1 Free domain registrations and unlimited websites, except Basic Plan which offers only 1 website.

Bluehost is often ranked #1 web hosting company by many organizations, websites, and clients because of its reliability of services, wide range of hosting plans, tons of features, and plenty of services. 

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The huge range of articles, guides, and video tutorials as part of their extensive knowledge base along with 24/7 chat services of experts provides extensive support and solution to the customers. 

Most importantly their affordable hosting plans are what marks them separate from competitors. 

However, If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend too much money then start with Basic Plan which is $4.95 per month. As you grow, you can upgrade the plan to Plus which is $6.95 per month. The good thing is Bluehost also offers a Free SSL certificate.

Above all, for Affiliate Marketing, I recommend Plus Plan as you will be able to create different websites for different niches rather than posting everything on one website. This plan also offers unlimited SSD Storage.

In conclusion, if you are just starting out, planning for an extension then you cannot go wrong signing up for a Bluehost partnership. As your site grows, Bluehost plans could upgrade you accordingly.


If you don’t want Bluehost and want to look for alternatives then SiteGround is recommended. Both hosts are beginners friendly.

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