GetResponse Vs ClickFunnels – Which One Is Right For You?
GetResponse vs Click funnels

For those who have been around with internet marketing for a while, GetResponse and ClickFunnels must be familiar terms for most of them. Both solutions have a pretty large user base across the world. And when you browse around these service’s feedback and reviews, many people are commending to use both solutions. Choosing a particular all-in-one solution for your business can be pretty daunting, especially if you need to choose one of the best options.

When you are in the middle of the decision between GetResponse and ClickFunnels, you will need to compare them deeply before making an informed decision.

Cut your time short and save your efforts by reading our review comparison. Since both GetResponse and ClickFunnels are great platforms that can help you to boost the internet marketing process, there is no one-size-fits-all.

ClickFunnels are popular amongst the agency, enterprises, and mid to large-scale projects. Meanwhile, the individuals can opt to GetResponse for their all-in-one solution, although enterprise-level users can also use GetResponse for their internet marketing agenda.

If you are asking about which one is better, the short answer would be the GetResponse. But of course, we need to explore all of the details to root for that recommendation. Let’s see how GetResponse vs ClickFunnels can help us weigh our options based on the particular factors below.

The Funnels

That is the meat of the service. The funnel builder is what these options are all about.

One of the greatest features that you can enjoy from both platforms is the wizard stuff in creating the funnels within a few minutes. Back then, we knew how much time we needed to spare in order to attain a fail-proof funnel system. Now with the help of the ClickFunnels and GetResponse, it seems not to be a huge problem anymore.

Click funnels

The aforementioned tools can help you to complete your sales and funnels within their platform. And you are able to access a wide array of helpful templates from the landing page, splash page, to the Thank You and download page. They even have pre-made funnels which you can just use so that you can save your time significantly.

But here is where the options can be different. ClickFunnels let you choose any kind of funnels which can be suitable for your particular project or branding. However, the unique visitors shouldn’t be exceeding 20,000.

GetResponse also offers you pre-built sales funnels that you can modify as you desire. You can also add the plugin and other features to boost the performance of your sales funnel.

The Workflow difficulty

We have tested both GetResponse and ClickFunnels. And it turned out GetResponse has better visual workflow automation.

Let’s not forget how the solution started as a genuine email marketing software. And it shows how powerful email marketing tools can be. As time goes by, the services have been evolving to be much better than before. It also comes with built-in visual workflow automation tools that include helpful features such as scoring, segmentation, tagging, and many others. If you think that it still looks like a barebone solution, wait until you can install many third-party plugins on the platform.

GetResponse also comes with a better way of reporting the analytics. Although it might be down to the personal choice, I love how the visual reports are shown on the analytic page of the GetResponse. In the analytical section, you can clearly see the variables such as subscription status, CTR, rates, as well as other metrics.

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Conversion Funnels

The funnel of both platforms can roll some tools. But the good thing is that you can use the templates to make it much simpler and easier. The funnels include the Landing Pages, Stores, Social Ads, Sales Pages, Payment Processors, Follow-up, and Abandoned Cart emails. You can easily track every activity of the clients from the registration numbers they grant as they joined with your webinar. The pre-made templates in the GetResponse will get your project on the right track.

ClickFunnels also has the tool to help you create conversion funnels. It offers you two methods: Classic Funnel Builder where you need to build it manually. Then the other one is the Funnel Cookbook that provides pre-made templates. The conversion funnels are available in the premium plan.

Both builders from the competing platforms are great. However, GetResponse turns out to be a better option because it is much easier and more straightforward. It has more navigability so that it can help all users regardless of their savvy levels.


GetResponse is indeed one of the renowned pioneers in this kind of marketing tool. The autoresponders of this platform come with a compelling set of features.

You will have the freedom to send automatic emails to your subscribers to say hello, give them updates and news, and so on. This allows you to follow up on something that’s left unfinished such as abandoned carts. But it can also remind your subscribers about your new products, upcoming live streaming or webinar, or any other relevant information.

ClickFunnels also has it. You can set it up to send the autoresponders to the new subscribers to intrigue them with certain call-to-action elements. With this function, you can send the new subscribers specially designed emails for them.

Both platforms have reliable and robust email sequences that can boost your interactions with them. You can use one of them. But when it comes to usability, I’d once again recommend GetResponse over ClickFunnels. It has such a simple way to set the auto responders up for good. It is called the GetResponse calendar view.

Website Builder

The Integration Capabilities

Both GetResponse and ClickFunnels can connect the funnels with other marketing tools like WordPress, HubSpot, Shopify, and so on. The staff of GetResponse keeps updating so that you can expect a lot of plugins and other components that you can use to boost your internet marketing plan.

The Testing Features

Both ClickFunnels and GetResponse have testing features.

Click Funnels let you split the test of your marketing campaign to see the possible results.

The ClickFunnels can automatically track each component’s performance, such as the users’ views, conversions, and actions. But it is not better than GetResponse. First things first, ClickFunnels can only test two templates at a time. And it does not come with the email marketing tool at the basic plan. You need to upgrade the plan to the more expensive one to unlock the particular feature.

Enter GetResponse which comes with much better features. It sets the tools apart from the competitors since it grants you the capability to test smaller parts of your marketing campaigns. It can go into in-depth details, including the colors, call-to-action buttons, and many other components you can play with. But it does not stop right there. This solution allows you to make A/B tests for up to five elements in one go.

Running multiple tests will help you a lot in deciding the best performance of your campaign. As the tests finish, GetResponse will choose the best-performing campaign features and automatically apply them. After the testing, you can rest assured that you can find better strategies that convert better.

GetResponse comes with a great quality of AB testing features that can help you to boost your marketing.

The Built-in templates the platforms offer

GetResponse comes with beautiful landing page templates. These templates will make your marketing agenda much easier because you don’t need to build them from scratch. You can use the templates for email marketing, landing pages, the funnel, and others.

To customize the templates, all you need to do is just drag and drop the components by your mouse. It is simple and easy to navigate the platform features and functions. If you have ever used CMS like WordPress, or Social Media like Facebook, using the GetResponse platform should be easier for you.

The ClickFunnels also offers you the built-in template. The funnels are mainly categorized into two types: free and premium. You can find the separated sections in the platform area. It also comes with a drag-and-drop builder as the GetResponse has. But you can only edit the templates within the columns and rows. If you are not okay with these limitations, you should just stick to the GetResponse instead.

GetResponse vs clickfunnels


GetResponse automation tools provide the users with the most important components to reserve to launch several marketing interactions such as email series, webinars, landing pages, and so on.

For many individuals, entrepreneurs, and small-mid business owners, the GetResponse is often chosen because of its affordable automated marketing tools that are easy to access and leverage.

All folks who run a small business to startups can get tons of benefits from GetResponse since it will make sure that the campaign is up and running without any complex preparation and expenses.

GetResponse has been offering a high-quality emailing dripping sequence that will ensure the constant interactions between the brands and the audiences. And the Autoresponder tool from GetResponse will be your wizard to achieve your target. GetResponse also offers you the pre-made workflow to trigger the autoresponder tool to send a particular email to follow up on the latest message. If your email readers missed a thing or two, the pre-built templates can help you interact with them while you are sleeping.

Besides using the pre-built template offered by the platform, you can actually build the workflows by yourself from zero.

It is a great thing to know that you can use the pre-built workflow and builders within the GetResponse platform. But you can’t get it in the ClickFunnel. Its services do not come with workflow builders. If you want to create the workflow sequences to follow up on the abandoned carts, you will need to spend another $297 per month. Well, it is not necessarily for granting the built-in tool in ClickFunnel, rather an integration with the Actionetics plugin.

GetResponse beats ClickFunnel significantly for this category. You can run an automated
marketing campaign right from this tool.

All-in-one software


GetResponse wins this factor since it has a lower-cost membership plan compared to ClickFunnels. The pricing of GetResponse can be different depending on the tier you choose based on your subscriber list.

The affordability of the GetResponse pricing place is the real attraction for starters and entrepreneurs who are conscious about their budgets.

For instance, you will get unlimited landing pages from its Basic plan.

At a glance, you might feel so simple when looking at the straightforward pricing system of the ClickFunnels. But what they didn’t mention is that their base plan is limited to 20,000 unique visitors per month. Assuming that you are growing your audiences rapidly, GetResponse can cater to your needs better.

GetResponse has four tiers – Basic, Plus, Pro, and Max. The Basic Plan already covers all of the basics. It comes with fantastic tools for just $15 per month. Its Plus plan which costs you $49 per month unlocks the more advanced features including automation builder, sales funnels, as well as webinars.

Meanwhile, ClickFunnels have three tiers to offer – ClickFunnels, ClickFunnels Platinum, and TwoCommaClubX.

The lowest tier plan costs you $97 per month. It comes with pre-made funnels and templates. The latter costs you $297, a pretty whipped-up price for upgrades.

Well, this category can really be a breaker for choosing the platform.

When it comes to the trial period, GetResponse comes with a 30-days free trial. Meanwhile, ClickFunnels comes with a 14-day free trial.

Pricing: Save 18% with an annual plan

Who’s the winner?

Obviously, I am rooting for GetResponse. This solution offers tons of features that you can attain at affordable prices. If you are running a small or new project and want to build the funnels without coding skills, this option can be the best for you. Meanwhile, ClickFunnels tends to be friendlier for the agencies or marketers who have been involved in internet marketing for a while. If your agency or company needs robust internet marketing tools, ClickFunnels can be the answer.

If you are still building your business, improving your brand, and starting early, then you cannot go wrong with GetResponse. GetResponse also comes with a 30-days free trial that you can use to assess the particular service before investing your money in it.

All-in-one software

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