How To Bring Traffic To Your Affiliate Links

Traffic is the most important aspect of any business be it online or a physical location. If you are struggling to get traffic to your business then it will become difficult for you to make money. Many affiliate marketing businesses close their door because of very low traffic. No matter how perfect your business website looks or how perfect the product you are selling, if no traffic then no money. There are several techniques to drive traffic to your affiliate marketing business from the internet. Mainly there are two types of traffic that we can generate:

1.   Free Traffic

2.   Paid Traffic

Free Traffic

For beginners, I recommend choosing the Free Traffic method. This way you will better understand the affiliate marketing process and it is easy to start on a low budget. When I started in this affiliate business, I didn’t have much money to invest in paid resources so I focused on Free traffic. When I was comfortable with it only then I moved to paid traffic. It is possible to make a good amount of money using a free traffic strategy.

The first step is to make a blog or website. Select a niche in which you have an interest and then narrow down key topics. Write content that offers values or solutions to people’s problems and questions. Prepare at least 30 articles for your affiliate marketing website.

The next step is to do SEO for your website. SEO is important to get free traffic to your affiliate website. Search Engine Optimization helps your website to be visible on the first page of a google search. More people click on your website and more it ranks faster.

The next step is to join forums that are related to your niche. Join Pinterest to drive organic readers to your blogs or posts. Forums like Quora have a good audience base. You can answer people’s questions and provide values. Add your website address in your signature or place it in your informative articles. Focus on answering comments related to your niches. Once you have built trust, traffic will start flowing to your website. Join Facebook groups or other social platforms like Reddit but remember to not spam everything that comes your way. Don’t blindly post links in groups. Create your own social group if you have time to invest. These methods generate valuable customers.

Another best way is to create a Youtube channel. Talk about your niche on it and create quality content centered around your affiliate niche. If you are not comfortable with the camera then there are other tools that you can use to make videos. Vidnami (14 Day Free Trial) Is one of the popular tools that has seen a rise in its use. It allows you to create videos using stock videos. You can upload your written script to it and it will convert it into audio using different voices. You can easily create infomercial content related to affiliate product and then upload to your channel.

Paid Traffic

The paid strategy is the next method that affiliate marketers start using after the money starts rolling in their business. But you will have to spend some time learning about paid advertising or else you will drain your pockets very quickly. Paid Traffic is a faster way to increase your earnings if you are careful. There are two kinds of traffic you can get using the paid method. One is PPC(Pay Per Click) and the second is Solo Ads.

Google, Facebook, and Bing are key platforms that offer PPC Advertising. PPC is achieved through bids placement on individual keywords related to your targeted niche. If someone searches a keyword, your ad will appear in search results based on the bid you placed. This is where you have to be really careful. Research your niche and narrow down your keywords. Remove any keyword that is not related to your affiliate business or target audience. Else you will spend money on keywords that are not even related to your business.

Solo Ads are also becoming popular these days. People who have a large collection of email lists, sell solo ads. When you buy their ads, they will send your affiliate link to their email list. This is a really helpful way to make money as these lists contain top tier users.

Buy Solo Ads

One of the platforms that I recommend is Udimi. You can buy traffic from here ranging from 100 visitors to 1000. I have used this service actively in past to promote my affiliate links and to earn commissions. Solo Ads is helpful to build your own email list and generating leads to your blogging websites.

Rest it is up to you to decide which networks you want to join which helps to generate profits and push your business to new heights. If you are new to affiliate marketing then download this helpful free report [Here]

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