How To Make Money On Etsy

The online marketplace Etsy is certainly unique and popular for both buyers and sellers. It’s a special marketplace where sellers can sell a lot of unique goods including homemade and handcrafted merchandise, vintage products, and other crafting materials as well. It’s been growing at an incredible rate for the past few years. Starting its first availability in 2005, there are millions of constantly active Etsy sellers. Although Etsy does define any active seller as active if they have any product on sale within 1 year.

Etsy makes money from the fees they charge from Etsy sellers when they sell their products online. Another term they make money on sellers is when the sellers list their item. Etsy charges about $0.20 per item on the listing and the commission they charge is 3.5% of the selling price.

How To Sell On Etsy

Etsy is pretty much the best solution if you want to sell unique items and make money along the way. But it needs patience and dedication to do that and it certainly won’t be quick. But the amount will live up to your expectations, and that’s why you need some clarifications. First of all, there are a lot of things you’d need to do that include producing merchandise, setting up your shop properly, take pictures of your merchandise, and using web optimization techniques to boost up the relevancy with your customers. I mean, of course, you won’t get any sales if your customers can’t even find you. At this alarming rate of growing Etsy as a marketplace, the competition will keep on growing for your goods. And without patience, it certainly can’t be done since even the first sale can take some time.


But there are a lot of small businesses that are still making a decent earning through their products and that can’t be ignored as a possibility. Most of the Etsy sellers are either using Etsy as a side business or they’re doing it as hobbies. The rest of them are using Etsy as a full-time business and as we’ve mentioned, the number of them is pretty low. That’s why it can certainly be said that everyone can use Etsy for growing their business whether they want it to be full-time or part-time. It completely depends on you about how much you want to commit yourself to it and how much money you want to make off Etsy. And if you are certain about wanting to follow your passion and make a lot of money out of your creativity, Etsy is certainly the right way to make money for you. It certainly is the right platform to flourish your creative side and get money along the way since it’s for passionate people

How Much Can You Expect To Make

With Etsy, there is no limit on how much money you can make. There are a lot of simple shops that make millions of dollars every year and that’s not all. But not all shops are that kind of successful, and showing you this much hope is certainly not a good thing. You do have to keep in mind that Etsy shop is pretty much like regular small businesses and there always is a possibility to make zero amount of money from it. But things can always change if you plan out your future moves and the big bucks will certainly start to flow. Maybe most of the time, you’d need to invest some money to get more sales.

But all the shops from the Etsy showcase do certainly make a good chunk of cash without a doubt and you can be on that list too. There are a lot of seasonal shops that sell seasonal and holiday products. And it’s certain that whatever kind of products you want to sell, it’ll surely benefit you if you keep the patience.

Sales Rate

The showcase included shop owners do make a lot of sales according to their business types. The ones with the lowest place on the showcase shops get more than 3 sales a month. The higher the place is, the more sales rate you’ll get. The highest showcase shops get more than 700 product sales every month. But that’s not all that can be said and calculated since it’s not that simple. I mean, if you sell 700 sales on hairpins, that certainly isn’t gonna live up to your expectations. It certainly depends on what kind of products you’ll be selling and how much dedication you’ve put into your shop.


Things To Do For New Shop Owners

The most important part of Showcase shop owners from Etsy is that everyone at some point was encouraged by their friends and family to start their business. That’s how they realized that their talents have more value and people would appreciate creativity on a different level. Even though they didn’t know how to follow specific strategies to grow their business and gain popularity, they did learn them along the way.

There are a lot of clueless shop owners out there on Etsy and they aren’t aware of marketing strategies. But since you’re here, it means that you are aware of some rules to be followed but don’t know what to follow. This article is certainly for those who want to start their business on Etsy and looking for guidance on how to sell. A lot of shopowners start their shops with only 1-4 items on their stock and some even start with a bit too much stock. The average is however to have around 10 products and here you can stand. The important part here is to keep a good amount of stock so that the customers can see the confidence and quality behind your creativity and work.

The marketing campaign is another amazing way to start the sales flowing and it sure works amazingly. Right after opening up a shop on Etsy, you should start promoting your products and shop on social media including Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest. Although Pinterest isn’t a social media, it sure does work like one and it gives you even more exposure. And as we all know, more exposure means more relevancy among people and more potential customers.

You’ll have to focus on getting the first sale as soon as possible and get a positive review out of it. If any friends or family member is interested in your products, let them buy your product and give the first positive review. People don’t exactly buy anything without seeing reviews now, and if there are authentic positive reviews on your product page, the sales rate will certainly increase without doubt.

How To Become A Top Etsy Seller

The average hourly pay isn’t exactly good for a lot of Etsy sellers and that’s the main reason sellers use Etsy as a side hustle. And it can also stop you from getting on the top of Etsy if you lose patience and give up. You can’t get the money flowing right after you set your shop up, it’ll need time to grow, not to mention the amount of effort you’ll have to put. The exceptions are rarely seen, and that’s why we can’t just prepare for being rare. Rare isn’t always good and that’s why you need strategies to become the top Etsy seller. Whether you spend more time on your product or shop, the competition will probably be always high and you’ll have to use the strategies to go up the list.

If you love making your products, things won’t get worse, it’s a fact. The starting fee is pretty small, they’ll only charge you $0.20 per listings. But if you can invest that on some marketing campaigns, you’ll get the money rolling quickly as ever!

Etsy Seller

There are a lot of things to do to help you get on top and we’ll be happy to share those secrets with you. The most important advice you can get is that diving directly into Etsy and use every bit of opportunity you can find. Connect yourself with other similar shop owners and get familiar with them. If you love making your products, treat your customers well since they’re the ones that will appreciate your flourished creativity. Never hesitate to promote yourself and your products, every bit counts! There are a lot of groups in different social media with Etsy shop owners, join them and get familiarized with them.

Hire Someone on Fiverr To Create An Etsy Store For You

Top 10 Things That You Can Sell on Etsy

If you are confused about what to sell on Etsy then here is list of things that you can sell.

  1. Jewelry
  2. Printables & Planners
  3. Calendar
  4. Party Supplies
  5. Wedding Invitations
  6. Wall Decor
  7. Prints
  8. Paintings
  9. Candles & Holders
  10. Picture Frames

Is Etsy Safe?

Etsy is certainly safe to use and without doubt, selling products here is pretty much risk-free for an Etsy seller. There are very rare cases where customers can complicate things up but as mentioned, these cases are certainly rare. There are scammers out there that would want to get your products without paying for them, but Etsy isn’t this big for nothing. They certainly provide the sellers the amount of safety they need along with the information so that you don’t get scammed. There always will be people who would want to get the opportunity to rip you off. But Etsy sellers aren’t that stupid and they’ll always have the information to tackle that kind of problem. So, in other words, Etsy is completely safe to do your business on and be passionate about it at the same time.

Etsy vs Shopify

Even though they are similar in some contexts, they’re certainly different and unique on their terms. Etsy is certainly trendier than Shopify in a lot of ways without a doubt. The main difference here is that Etsy is a marketplace. The security it provides is impeccable and that comes with very little cost. On the other hand, Shopify lets you make your store online but certainly lacks security measures compared to Shopify. But it depends on you which one you prefer between these two.

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