How To Make Money On Pinterest

Have you ever heard some success stories of making money on Pinterest? Many of these stories come with a huge number of potential earnings each day.
An average Pinterest user can potentially make an extra 100 dollars per day using their smartphone. How can it be real for you? Well, the moment you leave this post after reading it fully, you will know how to make it possible for you.

Now there are a lot of questions regarding this online money-making opportunity. One of the most common questions is whether we need to make a website or not.

You can actually earn money on Pinterest with or without a website. But I will focus on the tips to make money online from your website + Pinterest.

Make money on Pinterest

Make Money on Pinterest with Website

It is good to know that you can make money by combining your Pinterest with your existing blog. Or, you can create a new website specifically for this purpose.

Prepare Your Website or Blog

So, first things first, you can build a website. Web hosting only costs you a few bucks per month so I suggest you choose a self-hosted website. If you don’t want to spend money on hosting, you could start it by using a free hosting service and move your website to a self-hosted one when you have money to upgrade.

Making money from blogging and Pinterest requires you a good website with a good loading time. You can use free Blogger websites, but there will be a lot of limitations that you need to compromise.

In a popular hosting service, it only costs $3 per month to get the hosting plus a free domain name. I have tried several web-hosting service providers but Bluehost is one of my favorite due to beginner-friendly interface and affordable in term of prices.

Click Here to go Bluehost Official Website

Create Your Cornerstone Content

When it comes to making money online on Pinterest, content is everything.

Before creating content you will need to do the research to find the best content for your blog. Your chance will be greater if you write blog posts that people want to read.

Pick a specific niche to lock the demographics of your audiences. If you have no idea, you could start off with the niche that you love. Write something that you like and you will be able to find your own path there.

Prepare Your Pinterest Account

If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, you will need to register an account first. Pinterest will be one of the sources of your website traffic. You will create interesting Pinterest content that your audiences will see. And then, they will click on your pin to redirect to your website.

I’d recommend you to set up a Business account on Pinterest because this type of account allows you to use advanced features which are not available in the personal Pinterest account.

In a nutshell, you won’t be able to promote your money site with your personal Pinterest account.

The other reason to use a Business account is to access Pinterest analytics, which is a very important tool to analyze your pins. You can also promote your pins through official Pinterest advertising.

All in all, the Business Pinterest account can grant you business features.

The next step is to claim your business website so that you can access your Pinterest analytics. It is easy to do it. You just need to add the code to your money site and VOILA, you can see the analytics right away.

After setting up your business account, you will need to check on the three rich pins: Product Pins, Recipe Pins, and Article Pins.

Then, you will want to complete your profile bio. Create at least five boards for your profile. Ideally, you will want to create the boards which are relevant to your blog topics. If you have more than one blog, you could create boards to represent each blog.

Pinning is the key to bring traffic to your website. After doing all the preparations mentioned above, you will want to pin at least 10 to 20 pins per day. It might seem like a load of work for you. But you can always simplify it with the help of a scheduling tool. Some of the top Pinterest scheduling tools are Hootsuite, Tailwind, etc.

Make Money!

There are a lot of ways to make money with your blog + Pinterest.

The most popular way is to make money through advertising networks, affiliate programs, and promote your own products or services. We will break these down below.

Joining ad Network

Depending on which advertising program you join, you can earn $100 easily from your blog.
Google Adsense is the most sensible choice if you want to have a safe and reliable option. The other ad network sites to join are Mediavine, Chitika, Adversal, PropellerAds, and so on.

Affiliate Programs

Earning money on your business Pinterest accounts is very easy as you would only need to pin your affiliate links there.

First things first, you just need to create a blog post where you insert your affiliate link in it. Then pin the promotion of your blog post on your Pinterest boards. Creating these pins does not require such expertise in graphic design. You Can use a free tool like Canva to help you design awesome graphics for your boards.

You can also pin the affiliate link that will bring your visitors directly to the sales page or the intended marketplace.

Sell Your Own Products or Services

If you already have a business from home, you can promote it through your Pinterest account. Create the pin on your Business Pinterest account that will link to your particular page or blog post or even the sales page of your products or services.

What do I need to sell?


It is your freedom to sell anything you like on your Pinterest. It can be anything from digital products like ebooks, courses, to physical products from foods to clothing. Or, you can promote your services like social media consulting, online coaching, and so on.

Make Money On Pinterest Without A Website

The easiest way to make money on Pinterest without a blog or website is through affiliate marketing. For starters, join Amazon Associate Program so that you can promote Amazon products and get a commission when someone buys through your Pinterest account. One thing you have to make sure of is that you post content related to one niche. Use Google Trends to find out about your niche. Then select Amazon products and create pins around them. Select product photos from Amazon and create a pin using Canva. Then post this pin on Pinterest with an affiliate link to Amazon.

Search “Amazon Finds” on Pinterest and you will find people who are promoting amazon products and make good money on Pinterest.


Pinterest won’t pay you a single dime when you share your pins there. But you can use their traffic for your blog, website, or your own online store. The good thing about the Pinterest pins is that they are visible to wider audiences, including people who don’t follow your profile.

Pinterest is free to use. What can be better than this free traffic source?

Curious to make money on Pinterest without a blog or website? Say your words in the comment section below! I’ll write that post if many readers ask for it.

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