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Every business’s success depends on one main thing which is a Relationship. And if you own an eCommerce website, landing page, or any other website, then you already know that without a relationship it is very difficult to sell anything. People need to trust you before buying anything. In today’s world, there are several tools available that will help you to achieve this. One of them is which is getting popular day by day for its easy to build conversational chatbots. You might have seen one while browsing any website or landing page that has an embedded chatbot. It enables the audience to interact and engage with automated chatbots.

In this article, we will talk about It is the kind of a first chatbot that requires zero coding skills and is very easy to learn and create. It is a cloud-based software that is very effective for nurturing business relations. More and more businesses are using Landbot to increase their relationship with customers and increase sales or leads.

1.  No-Coding

Above all, the first main feature of is that it doesn’t require any coding skills. With simple to use templates and drag-drop functions, you can create your own chatbot in mere 30 minutes and implement it on your website and landing page. Its interface and tools allow you to integrate elements into your website which can help to increase conversions.

2.  Create Chatbot For Your Affiliate Website

If you run an affiliate website then you know how important it is to capture leads from a landing page. We all regret to see missed lead opportunities. A conversational chatbot can be a lifesaver for your business. It can interact with any visitor and offer solutions to their questions or can simply show affiliate links.

3.  Grow Your Email List

Email lists are kind of the backbone of any business. With a single click, you can reach thousands of your customers or potential buyers which is an amazing thing in this eCommerce world. can help you to grow your email list by asking visitors to submit their emails and can also offer free lead magnets.

4.  SEO Benefits

SEO is an important part of a business’s online visibility. Google suggests pages that have lower bounce rates. If a visitor comes to your website and leaves immediately then google will think that your website is not good for associated query and your page will slip down in search results. can help your business website to have a lower bounce rate. Because it will interact with visitors hence increased on-page time. These strategies are key to receive quality traffic.

5.    24/7 customer assistance

Landbot can provide 24/7 assistance to its visitors which is essential for any business. And the good thing is it learns from previous queries and offers the right solutions to people. This AI-based tool learns and improves itself from past chats and improves conversation flows. These steps deliver powerful performance and customer support.

6.  Easy To use Templates:

Landbot has several easy to use templates that you can apply to your design as per your business needs. It can create conversational chatbots from these templates. Following are some of the design templates for every business need that you can access:

  • Basic lead generation form
  • Lead qualification template
  • Signup form template
  • Event registration form
  • Loan application form template
  • Customer feedback form template
  • Job application form template
  • Vacation request template
  • Product recommendation template
  • Product launch template
Landbot Template

7.  Chatbot For Ecommerce

If you run a dropshipping business then Landbot will help you to save abandoned carts and improve customer service. You can collect conversational data through chat flow and analyze it. It will help you to know what actually users are asking. Then you can improve your website’s user experience by implementing changes or offering solutions based on collected data.



Landbot offers a free plan which is called Sandbox. This includes basic features and settings such as SendGrid Integration, Human Take Over, Chat Dashboard, Bot launcher, and basic design. Other plans are Starter, Professional, and Business which has features like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp(Business), Custom CSS & JS, Goodbye Message, Custom Error Messages, Custom Typing Emulation, Conditional Logic, Formulas, and all Sandbox plan options.


Finally, with evolving world and eCommerce businesses, it has become extremely important to adopt new technologies or services which help businesses to advance towards success. And if you are not building a relationship with your customers then you are missing an important percentage of potential buyers. Implement a Landbot Chatbot today and you will never look back.

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