SiteGround Review – Is It Right Web Hosting For You?

Today I will tell you all about Siteground, its background, features, and is it really worth it or not?

SiteGround almost ranks at the top with other big hosting companies in terms of speed ( 756ms) and uptime (99.9%). It accommodates small businesses, enterprise customers, bloggers, and startups who want affordable pricing with advanced security, immediate smart solutions to their problems, and premium hosting quality. They also provide you with 30 days money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support.

But all these claims are true or not? We will soon find out.

Let’s start with the company background.

Three university students in 2004 launched the Bulgarian company name “SiteGround”. Its main founder is Tenko Nikolov who works as technical support in the company at the start but now he is the CEO. Site ground is a privately owned company and has over 400 employees with almost 2 million domains globally.

SiteGround Hosting Prices:

SiteGround offers a wide range of packages that a website owner expects from a web host. It caters to various shared, dedicated, woo-commerce, and cloud hosting plans as well as salient WordPress hosting packages to choose from.

Shared Hosting

Their shared hosting plan is the most famous one. SiteGround offers unlimited emails, 10 GB storage, handles 10,000 monthly traffic, allows one website, and also provides provision for security service Cloudflare and website performance.

Its packages are listed as follows

No. of websites1unlimitedunlimited
Storage10 GB W20 GB40 GB
Web Traffic~10,000 monthly~25,000 monthly~100,000 monthly
Database/ Bandwidth/ Sub-Domainsunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Catching & StagingStatic catching, dynamic not includedStatic and dynamic catchingStatic and dynamic catching
Renewal Fee14.99$24.99$39.99$

WordPress Hosting Plan

The WordPress hosting plan is the same as the shared hosting plan with the same names and prices but they are more focused on WordPress. many people considered WordPress as a blogging site only but it is a great opportunity for many businesses and even woo-commerce which is the popular e-commerce site is also a WordPress plugin. If you want to sell your products online then you should go with the GoGeek package.

Reseller Package

Siteground offers a Reseller package to the third party also. This distinctive reseller plan is for such companies that want to make website domain their primary business but also aspire to donate hosting to those clients who need extra. Site ground offers discounts on bulk hosting orders and also bids the ability to adjust deals and pricing on names.

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Usage of Site Ground:

Until at this point, site ground is proving itself worthy but not make a hasty decision. It provides an indomitable service and is fit for several projects including blogging. But if you are more into the online business site then you should go for its supreme package.  It is most recommended for:

  • Big corporate sites
  • Professional blogging
  • Online shops
  • Designers hungry for quality and excellent support
  • WordPress websites

Features of Site Ground:

Site ground is not a big name but in terms of services, it makes sure to provide every client with tailored services to cater to their needs. Some features are as follows.

c-Panel Control

Site ground provides you with control of the c-panel in most of its hosting plans. It allows you to access billing and technical support to manage your account. It is very easy to use even for non-experienced persons. All options are mentioned in the upper section with details on the sidebar.

It also comes with a softaculous( one-click installer tool). with just one click you will have excess to over 400 applications to broaden your functionality.


A website owner’s worst nightmare is the server down as according to research if your site goes down for 15 minutes only. You will lose potential clients, faith olf your currents customers, and you will receive more bad reviews with low conversion. That’s why choose and invest in the best hosting service.

Site ground provides 99.9% uptime and performs real-time tracking, unlike other servers who monitor after 1 to 5 minutes.

Website Speed

It provides you with the fastest speed ranging from 20 milliseconds to one second only. It is equipped with the latest technology including SSD ( reliable for high speed), Cloudflare, NGINX to accelerate your site speed, HTTP/2, and PHP 7.


Security and Backups

Siteground constantly scans for malware, blockage, and viruses. It can also foresee the upcoming threat and take preventive measures and actions in advance to avoid any incident. They also introduced an Artificial intelligence bot to detect the unauthorized forced login in servers. Its “isolation system” also protects you from hacking if any site on your server got compromised. It also takes care of WordPress plugins update as they are the biggest threat of hacks.

However, website security is your responsibility but SiteGround helped you in protecting it too by setting a hack alert designed by global village. It will sense the breach and inform you of any malware before it became active.

You will also have the option of on-demand instant backup in the plan “Grow big” and higher. It will create a backup of your specific file, email, or even the whole website. This option is very helpful if you are going to do major changes to your site.

Customer Support

Site ground has emphasized its customer support by employing more than enough staff for each shift so that all clients get instant replies on live chat or a maximum 10 min wait. They also provide you all information and details of the live chat representative. They also introduced premium support in march for the highest plan. In premium support, you will get priority and the most senior specialist will handle your ticket.

They also provide 30 days money back guarantee if you cancel within 30 days. Unlike others web host who give equivalent points, Site ground gives you all credit back except domain, admin fees which is non-refundable.

Pros of SiteGround:

  • They have high performance with 99.99% uptime so you won’t miss any clients.
  • Their average website loading speed is 756 ms. According to research, more than 60% of clients left the site if it didn’t upload in few seconds.
  • They provide you with 24/7 customer support.
  • It also lets you migrate websites freely. It provides you WordPress migration plugin. Just load it within your account and it will do the rest. You can migrate as many websites as you want.
  • It gives you a free SSL certificate that protects your IP addresses and credit card details. If left then hackers could acquire this information for their purpose. This feature is available for free on all plans.
  • It gives the facility of CDN too which stores files, images in different servers globally so that clients could access them instantly.
  • It incorporates advanced features from beginners to pro-level like staging, git repositories, owns caching.
  • They don’t restrict your website traffic. You could collaborate with another website of yours to create additional users.

Drawbacks of SiteGround:

  • SiteGround introductory rates are too good to acknowledge but the trick behind it is when you need to renew your plan after one year then it will jump to double prices like startup plan will be 12.99$, growbig — 22.99$, GoGeek— 34.99$.
  • Its cheaper plan has some serious limits like 10 GB storage and 10,000 monthly traffic. So it is suitable for smaller businesses and sites which cant reach this threshold but once they hit it then any traffic more than that will suffer. So you have to upgrade then for better resource availability.
  • Other web hosts throw freebies to attract clients and offer mostly domain names in the first year but SiteGround doesn’t do that. If you do not have any domain anme then it will charge you around 13.95$ per year.
  • Although they provide WordPress free plugin for migration. In case you want the support of their agent to take care then you have to pay 30$.


Now the question is do we recommend SiteGround?

Yes, We do recommend it as it has proved itself worthy over the years with maintained uptime and loading speed which is the biggest ranking and conversion factor.  It also gives you premium customer support which is rare in other web host and provides you with many advanced features which are suitable from professional blogging to online stores.

I have been personally using SiteGround and have its GrowBig Plan. Currently, I have 5 websites on SiteGround and It is easy for me to navigate to all of them from one platform.

But do keep In mind to subscribe to their long-term plans instead of one year otherwise it will cost you too much while renewing it next year.

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