Top 5 Successful Chatbots And Why You Need One

A bot is an operating system that can do any automated work. A Chatbot is application software that interacts with clients and provides answers based on queries. Automatically, it finishes an action in line with given algorithms and triggers the next course of actions. In addition to this, it connects a client and any human operator. Clients exchange information with Chatbot by use of a chat connection. Chatbots are AI-based applications that provide conversational support.

In fact, the continuous availability plus access to large amounts of information ensures that Chatbot has an upper hand over the human counterparts.

Why Chatbot?

Email marketing has traditionally been ranked among the best marketing methods. Over time, the platform has been overcrowded and used excessively. In its recent study, Radicati Group exposed that every second, people send 2.4 million emails. Averagely, a professional receives 141 emails each day.

Marketing emails have a poor CTR (click-through rate) of 5-10%. Facebook’s most recent algorithm chooses posts from family and allies over businesses’. Chatbot therefore can get you closer to your customers as compared to email marketing and Facebook.

What is Chatbot?

How do Chatbots work?

There are a number of strategies that can be used to utilize a Chatbot.

  • Matching of Patterns – These Chatbots work by looking for the keywords in the client’s message and after getting the answer relating to any keyword, they pass it to the client. These Chatbots cannot surpass the set pattern and will only send answers that are in the system.
  • Algorithms – In this method, an algorithm is programmed to answer queries. The Chatbot, therefore, gives the most appropriate answer when Algorithm is triggered.
  • The Use Of Manmade Neural Networks – The Chatbot analyses different words of the message and each is viewed as the neural network’s input. Over time, the neural network becomes stronger hence helping the bot in providing more accurate answers to the repeated queries.

Advantages of Chatbots in Businesses

  • Instant customer service – With a Chatbot, you don’t have to wait for replies to common questions that deal with businesses. It will always ensure that the clients’ questions are answered well.
  • Marketing Data Collection – Chatbots help a great deal in ensuring that one builds his marketing lists. If a client signs into a chat especially on Facebook, the public profile information is received. If you desire to, request the email address and contact to develop a marketing list.
  • Personalized Product Recommendations – If the bot can provide personalized ideas, your business can achieve the good or bad levels of personalized client experience.
  • Helps Clients Get The Commodities They Want – With the correct Chatbot, a business’s customers can locate whatever they are searching for as they chat, eliminating the stress of visiting and searching the site on their own.
  • Helps Remind Clients About The Commodities In Their Cart – Chatbot sends a reminder to buyers about those commodities, or allowance to pose questions or a discount on the products in their cart.

Here is the list of top 5 successful chatbots that businesses have made integral part of their websites.

1. Bold360

Bold360 is the best client engagement solution that provides interactions at the personal level. While maximizing the strength of AI, Bold360 assists in personalizing and promoting each interaction no matter the setting. This ensures that companies achieve their main objectives.



  • Excellent AI: This software enhances the use of the Chatbot within the limits of the website application. Group development is a smart characteristic to have, it propels an individual to have clients who might be held in high esteem by a given company. It is therefore possible to monitor the activities that take place within groups and respond appropriately.

    The disadvantage of this feature, however, is that there is no part where one can keep transaction activities with their specific timestamp that is very vital in such an application. The first set of Bold360 takes a fairly long time hence it is advisable to take some time and make the required settings.
  • Smart Tool for Live Chats On the E-commerce Webpage: This software facilitates the place setting and tracking of texts. Combined with AI and human support, Live chats improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Live chats meant for support or marketing roles: This software avails a desktop model that can be downloaded plus an online login in which special agents and overseers can link to give support from internet-enhanced machines. Bold360 has many channel support by mediums such as Twitter, emails, live chat If one desires to enable features. There are thus numerous ways to link with clients or visitors.

    The biggest problem faced by Bold360 is the support duties from their agents. One would be deceived that such a huge company would have the most experienced and courteous employees in charge of their live interactions when clients are experiencing problems or posing questions. The case on the ground contradicts this expectation.
  • Group Creation: The most liked feature of Bold360 is Group Creation which allows you to group customers depending on their interaction. This way you will have control over to monitor which group is doing what and what responses can be provided.
  • User Experience – Bold360’s GUI is simple and straight forward which allows handling vast applications at ease.

Visit Bold360 Official Website

Things People Dont Like

  • Some people complain that it takes some to install properly and learning how to use it.
  • Support Team for Bold360 is not as good as it should be. If you run into a problem on your website, you will need some patience to explain it to Bold360’s support team. Not fixing this issue might cost your business some potential customers.
  • Sometimes it takes a time to present information to the client. Your client will end up waiting while information loads.


This is a conversational app enhancer that integrates the advantages of conversational media with rich UI forms. is a beginner-friendly tool that is easy to learn and implement. Interactive applications can be built by using landbot. Moreover, the best thing about landbot is that this requires no coding skills. You can simply drag and drop elements to create your first live chatbot.

Conversational apps integrate the advantages of interactive conversational media with rich UI components while automating extensive information workflow. Thus they address business requirements on the interaction and automation stage.



  • Convert Traffic With Programmed Interactions: Interact with your listeners naturally through meaningful conversations. Capture attention, strengthen relationships and achieve faster conversation rates appropriately without coding. Landbot assists users in exploring the full potential of every level of the client’s journey.
  • It allows designing interactions without coding skills. It can be used to enhance extensive conversational applications.
  • Deploy Chatbots where it suits, at that given moment: Start Chatbots popular on webpages as pop-ups, messaging routes, or even widgets.
  • Boost interactions by lowering response durations and personalizing the client’s journey beginning with the first up to the last touchpoint.
  • Intuitive drag and drop interface for interactions: Develop, share and find results.
  • Incorporate Chatbots into the business workflow using common integrations. Link with your tools in a touch of a button.
  • Most importantly, it deploys chats on the website, Facebook messenger, or even WhatsApp. Be where the clients are.
  • Change new members to loyal clients quickly using instant messaging: Connect website and WhatsApp encounters efficiently. Use conversational methods to get a ticket for WhatsApp interactions.
  • Integrating all available tools: Empower interactions using integrations that are easy to build.
  • Excellent support team which will help you along the way

Visit Official Website

Things People Dont Like

  • People love but they would also like to have additional platforms such as Twitter and Telegram.
  • Some people find it expensive as it can make some new small businesses think twice before getting cutting-edge b2b tech.

3. Azure Bot Service

Azure Bot Service is a Chatbot with artificial intelligence on Azure cloud service. It helps one to convert more clients while promoting agent efficiency.

Azure Bot Service (Microsoft Bot Framework) is well equipped in applications such as automated emails and any business options that requires automated answers. This mostly occurs when responding to a huge number of customers. It is ideal to automate emails of huge companies where the answers match the customer’s expectations.

Azure Bot Service
Image Courtesy: Microsoft


  • Communication is in real-time.
  • The software protocols are lightweight.
  • Easy to use GUI(Graphical User Interface).
  • The bot sequences are huge in number.
  • Uses Zapier and Webhooks.
  • Complete customization CSS needed for the bots.

Visit Azure Bot Services Official Website

Things People Don’t Like

  • The bot coding has been made easier to understand, however, it would be an added advantage if it was simplified even more to cater to even those that are non-IT.
  • There is a need to better answer choices with images.
  • It should be able to upload customized icons for the buttons that answer questions.

4. Live chat

Live chat also provides customer service with online engagements. It provides exceptional customer service. This software is popular among small businesses to large enterprises.

Live Chat


  • Provides advanced analytical data to analyze customer interaction.
  • It has a highly customized text button and a window that is compatible with mobile phones as well.
  • It is possible to interact anywhere with the website, desktop, or even mobile applications.
  • Audio and video chat feature allows clients to talk with agents within their comfort zone. This delivers an individual chat experience, reduces handle times, and builds a closer and cordial relationship with clients.
  • Multiple channels to link your email to WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat and keep a record of all client’s queries.
  • Clients can look for knowledge base documents by the use of the chat window before chatting.
  • Special agents can look for knowledge base writings as they chat with clients to get solutions and send them.

Visit Live Chat Official Website

Things People Don’t Like

  • Limited features to embed a link in the email.
  • It could be pricey.

5. Intercom

Intercom is a software company that generates messaging platform that enables businesses to interact with targeted and existing clients within their application, through their webpage and social media platforms.

Main modules:

  1. Live chatting used for interacting with users
  2. Onboarding module that changes users into potential buyers
  3. An educational module that replies to users’ queries.

Intercom helps to control lead qualifications and provide client support. At the same time, the integration of the Intercom allows one to link his Chatbot to the established intercom’s support team. Made to act in the same way a human operator does, the bot gives an endless client experience for the visitors as well as the users. The support group can easily change from bot to human engagements.


  • The Chatbot is programmed to interact with visitors on the website. It can plan for any demonstration or meetings, answer repeated queries throughout, and have extensive qualification incidences.
  • As opposed to the intercom Automator, it dwells a lot in conversations and has naturally occurring language synthesizing abilities.
  • Advanced FAQ – The Chatbot replies to repeated questions on the website. It is mostly used to replace already existing FAQs or even make them complete. The language synthesizing abilities are more effective than a common FAQ search area.
  • Incidents can be related to the environment of the user.
  • Immediately merit the new individual on your website and record specific details.
  • A human operator can pick up the engagements if so desired and then followed by email.
  • This software is easy to learn and use.
  • Intercom can be integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Live Chat, email, etc.

Visit Intercom Official Website

Things People Don’t Like

  • It could do better with “Out of Office or Unavailable hours” messages.
  • For some people, it is an expensive investment.

Final Words

Chatbots are very vital because it relieves employees the burden of answering customers time and again. The employees can therefore direct their time and energy to clients that have more complex issues, for instance. A chatbot can be your business’s 24×7 support. Above all, Chatbots are always an added resource to any organization. Moreover, companies are becoming very innovative to help their clients in the quickest way possible and easiest way possible. To get the best out of different Chatbots, organizations have to learn to explore their full potentials effectively. In conclusion, Getting to know what Chatbots are and training them is the initial step in building a perfect digitally-enhanced client’s experience.

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