Vidnami Review – An Honest Review By A User

If you are reading this, then I’m pretty sure you are looking for a way to create stunning video fast. As we all know, leveraging the power of video is literally the secret recipe for online business success. As the old saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Now imagine a video that is literally pictures moving. Yes, we are talking about Vidnami (Content Samurai). An ultimate and easy to use software to create stunning videos in few clicks.

You can say the word “video” is a synonym for money. And seriously if someone isn’t using video, then they are far far behind. The thing is, it’s not even their fault because creating a high-quality video is hard.

·   Camera Shy

·   Not tech-savvy

·   Long editing time

·   Expensive and complicated video creation tools

If any of the above criteria matches you then Vidnami is for you. Now the question is how to create stunning videos in a short time. This is exactly why you are reading the Vidnami review.

What is Vidnami?

It is an online video creator software, former name Content Samurai. It is a cloud-based software that allows you to create fast, easy and professional-looking videos for your media sites, blog posts, instant Ads, influence videos, etc.

Don’t take Vidnami as an automated tool, as you still require to make the script or blog and do a couple of clicks and BOOM! Here you go.

Stunning video available to you without any editing experience.

How to use Vidnami?

To begin with, log in to your account and click on “Create a new video” or you can edit, clone, or download your previous videos.

Vidnami Review

Then select the type of video or template you want to create; there are many pre-made templates that you can use. You can edit and customize a template to your need.

Vidnami Review

Next, type in your script and make sure it is properly punctuated. Then click on Create scenes(this is where the magic happens).

Getting to the next step, now you need to edit the scenes like entering the text, slides, images, media you want to replace which Vidnami picked for you. At this point, your video is almost ready.

The automated audio in Vidnami is intelligent enough to properly use the punctuation and make the sound more realistic. Furthermore, you can also do the voice-over yourself if you want to.

Moreover, you can add optional audio, add background music, built-in audio to read the script, or even record the audio in the Vidnami and it will sync it with your video. In the final step, you can preview the video and make any additional changes to finalize it.

This takes not more than half an hour, and you get yourself a fantastic video.


3 Different pricing plans are available.

·   Free 14-days trial period

·   One month for $47

·   1 Year for $397

There is a way to get a 25% discount on your monthly plan. This way you’ll get the monthly plan for just $35 instead of $47. Click the below link to access this offer.

25% monthly discount (Life Time Offer) ($35 – $47)

Click here to Access 14-Day Free Trial.

Free Bonus: YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet

Final Conclusion

In conclusion, Vidnami(Content Samurai) is hand down the most powerful online video editor software which creates videos in minutes. A very convenient tool for video marketers and content creators. Above all, you don’t need to appear on the camera or be a tech-savvy person to make high-quality videos. You can easily try all the features during the trial period and see if it suits your needs. 


You can use Vidnami to earn money as well(Yes True). For this purpose, You can join Fiverr.Com and create a gig. You can sell the following video content:

  1. Facebook or Instagram Ads
  2. Text To Speech Videos (Blog to youtube)
  3. Infomercial Videos
  4. AI Voice Over (For Speech Shy People)
  5. Affiliate Marketing Product Review
  6. Dropshipping Product Videos

With this in mind, Pick any service, create a gig, and start earning money.

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